Michael Hennessy (MH ), Patricia Langton (PL), Adriana Santos Davila (AS), David Grainger (DG ), Victor Kewell (VK), Jill Fraser (JF), Charlotte Rose (CR), Ellie Histed (EH) & Siobhan Moriarty (SM)

Staff news

  • Danielle Campbell is leaving on the 23/02 and the practice manager is in the process of recruiting 2 more receptionists.
  • Opening hours have now changed to 8-6:30pm the phones lines will also be open during these times.
  • Extended hours have been moved to a Wednesday and Thursday morning as there was little demand for the evenings.
  • New registrar has started at the practice Dr Caroline Dodson and F2, Dr Charlotte Baker.

Patient Access

CR explained that the practice is looking at ways to improve & promote patient access. Both CR and Amy (reception) will run an open day in the surgery in April to encourage patients to sign up to the service. SM asked if member’s from the PPG would be happy to be involved in the open day to support the team. All in agreement this was a good idea and VK, AS & JF offered to volunteer.

Action point – CR to email PPG members confirmed date of patient access open day.

Future meetings

SM discussed whether anyone in the group would like to volunteer to be the chair & vice chair at future meetings. VK kindly put himself forward as chair and JF will be the vice chair. The minutes will be done by members of staff at the practice.

It was also agreed to attempt to recruit patients from all demographics, the next meeting will be held at 6:30pm on the 7th April. This will be a trial to see if more people will attend the meeting at a different time of day.

SM will also send out another email to PPG members currently on the mailing list to enquire whether they wished to remain in the PPG.

Action point – SM to send an email to exiting PPG members to enquire whether they would like to stay in the group

All present agreed that they are happy for the email details to be shown in future email correspondence.

PPG observation

It was suggested that someone from the PPG could observe the girls on reception and witness what type of things they deal with on a daily basis. CR suggested the morning as this is the busiest time of day. JF enquired whether this will be recurring of a 1 off as everyone in the group should have an opportunity to experience. CR explained that patients will need to sign confidentiality from if they wished to take part in the observation.

Action point –  CR to organise a date for PPG observation



JF raised concerns regarding an incident that occurred at the practice a couple of weeks ago. She enquired how often this happens and what steps are being taken to ensure staff and patient security.

SM explained that the situation was handled very well and that the team felt supported and safe. Any patients present were escorted to another room in the practice and other patients were asked to come back the following day. SM said a new CCTV camera will be installed with a monitor in the main office so management can observe the reception area. JF has asked that security be a rolling agenda item to discuss at future meeting and to receive an update form the practice.

Action point – SM to add security as a rolling agenda item

Speakers at future meetings

JF suggested that a group at the community centre, GOAL could possibly come out to the practice and speak at a PPG meeting, highlighting the work being done and how the practice can help with their group.

All in agreement, clinicians to only attend the meetings if requested as they are in clinics and very busy.

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