Practice Teams

Clinical Teams

All patients are allocated a “Usual Doctor” They are the named doctor in the practice who looks after you.


Dr Kavitha Gowribalan

GP Partner

Dr Natasha Smeaton

GP Partner

Dr Laura Duffy

General Medical Practitioner (On Maternity Leave)

Dr Sanam Khoylou

General Medical Practicioner

Dr Samantha Levy

General Medical Practicioner

Dr Elizabeth Pollara

General Medical Practitioner

Dr Penny Sheehan

General Medical Practicioner

Dr Caroline Dodson

GP Registrar

Dr Rebecca Hamett-Burke

GP Registrar

Nursing Team

Krisztina Cserhalmi

Practice Nurse

Saloni Gaglani

Practice Nurse

Lynsey Nicholson

Healthcare Assistant

Agnieszka Rybicka-Jones

Healthcare Assistant

Attached Staff

Dr Sally Higginbottom

Coil Clinics

Emily Histed

Finance and Operations Manager

Fiona Fraser

H.R manager

Practice Staff


Maria Henry

Operations Manager

Charlotte Rose

Reception Manager


Pat Doherty
Amy Eleftheriou
Paige Holmes
Jacqueline Linton
Bianca Martins
Tiger-Liley Martins
Billie-Jay Smith
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