Greener General Practice

It’s become increasingly clear how fragile our planet and its ecosystems are, especially given the environmental impact humanity has had since the Industrial Revolution. Today, we are much more conscious of our environmental footprint compared to past generations, and we strive to live more sustainably. The COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasised our interconnectedness with nature.

Our practice is committed to becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable. James Wigg & Queens Crescent Practices have joined the Green Impact for Health Toolkit Programme, an RCGP-endorsed initiative that helps healthcare practices improve their sustainability.

We recognise the need for everyone to contribute to environmental protection, and we are dedicated to doing our part at the James Wigg & Queens Crescent Practices.

How Can You Help?

While our practice focuses on organisational and prescribing-level sustainability efforts, patients can also contribute. Have you tried the WWF footprint survey to calculate your individual carbon footprint? It’s a great way to start: WWF Footprint Survey.

For more information on sustainable practices in healthcare, visit: Greener Practice.

Did you know that different inhalers have varying carbon footprints? We will be evaluating our inhaler prescriptions, but you can also inquire about environmentally friendly inhaler options during your next review. Learn more here: Green Inhaler.

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