Adriana Santos Davila (AS), Victor Kewal (VK), Patricia Langton (PL), Jill Fraser (JF), Siobhan Moriarty (SM) & Charlotte Rose (CR)

Minutes of previous meeting

  • Patient Access – the date for patient access has been moved slightly due to new starters on reception.

Action point – CR to email PGG members confirming the date.

  • Patient Observation – the date for this has not yet been agreed, again due to new starts on reception.

Action point – CR to email PPG members for dates they are available.

  • Email to PPG members – SM sent an email to the existing PPG members to enquire whether they wanted to remain a part of the PPG, unfortunately there was no response.

Action point – SM to email the group again and to call

  • Patient Access day to promote to the PPG.


SM informed the group that CCTV has been successfully installed. There is a large screen in the office to allow the team upstairs to see what is going on in the building. There is also a monitor on the reception desk which will also be recording reception activity.

SM raised that the partners have voiced concerns regarding holding the PPG meetings outside practice hours due to the safety of staff. Therefore the meeting time is to revert back to 10.30am.

SM explained that further incidents had occurred since the last meeting which has led us to taking these safety measures.

VK asked if it was possible to find out what these incidents were in order to help prevent any more occurring.

SM stated that unfortunately due to patient confidentiality it was not possible to go in to detail, but each case is looked at individually and not as a whole.

SM mentioned that we also have had a new phone system installed last week. The system now allows all calls to be recorded, both incoming and outgoing and will allow us to see how many calls we are receiving and what periods are our busiest. On average the waiting time had been 2mins 10 seconds.

Action point – Posters for ‘zero tolerance’/ CCTV in reception

  • Advise patients to call between 4-6 for non-urgent/ general enquiries.
  • To promote James Wigg Practice services- as these can be used by Queens Crescent patients.

 Patient Access day – Wednesday 9th May

This day is to promote patient access and to try and sign up as many patients. Amy (reception) will be working alongside CR to make this day successful. The admin team at QCP will be doing a ‘bake off’ competition on this day also.

AS raised whether there was an option on patient access when requesting a prescription to inform the patient that the request is too early.

Action point- CR to discuss with Sameer (IT) whether this can be amended on the system.

Patient demographic

PL wanted information on the demographics for Queens Crescent. A handout of graph for Queens Crescent demographics was provided to the group. This showed the number of patients registered with the practice and various other information including the how many females/males, the age group and ethnicity.

When the 2018 graph is available SM will provide this to the group.


PL requested for the number of complaints to be fed back to the PPG, how complaints can be made and how they are dealt with.

SM passed on that we have had a total number of 11 written complaints 3 clinical and 8 non clinical.

SM also passed on that we have had 7 comments fed back on the NHS website 4 positive and 3 negative.

The process for complaints are ideally to be put in writing by letter or email for the attention of the practice manager. The reason for this is that it gives a chance for the practice manager to investigate and address the issues raised.

The first response is usually within 24 hours.

For a full response, usually within 1 week.

Verbal complaints aren’t recorded as these are deemed as ‘instant responses’

Action point – Complaints/comments policy poster to be in different language

  • Location of posters in reception to be re-positioned.
  • A notice board to be added/updated.
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