PRESENT: Patients: Maire Browne, Hilary Calvert, Ian Critchley, Maria Constantinidou, Kirsten de Keyser, Manor, Lanre Gold, Isky Gordon, Kathy Graham-Harrison, Brian Harding, Susanne Kord, Patricia Langton, Jane Mays, Judy Sands, Donatella Soldi, Gill Walt.

PRACTICE: Sarah Worboys, Jonathan Levy, Lorna Johnson (Buildings Manager)

APOLOGIES: Veronica Brinton, Jonny Bucknell, Mimi Colahan, Jill Fraser, Nori Graham, Tony Gardner-Medwin, Adriana Santos-Davila, Stephen Yaxley


Dr Jonathan Levy presented a proposal for discussion on new government obligations about extended hours for appointments. Currently both practices offer some early morning as well as evening appointments, but under the new proposals these will have to be extended.  After considerable discussion on the difficulties of accessing appointments, the PPG was unanimous in its support for both types of extended hours appointments, but regretted that, given the deficit of staff resources, this might mean that fewer appointments might be available during the day.


Lorna Johnson, the manager of the Kentish Town Health Centre and four other buildings, described the services, besides the James Wigg Practice, which rent space within the building. She agreed that signage is a major problem for patients, one which the PPG has raised many times, and is meeting shortly with In-Health team to discuss what improvements might be made. It was suggested that the reception volunteers who are in the KTHC on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 10 and 12am would be able to give useful feedback on the flow of patients and their difficulties.  Action: Gill

Lorna said she would look into providing hooks in the toilets. Action: Lorna


The aim of the latest reorganization of the NHS (from July 1st 2022) is to bring together NHS services (GPs, hospitals, emergency care) and Local authority services (social care, public health). This is seen by many as a positive move to provide closer collaboration and cooperation, instead of competition, between the bodies providing health care.  These bodies include not just the NHS and local councils, but other providers too – charities, not-for-profit organizations and private companies.  There are long term implications for the NHS and therefore for patients, and for those who are interested, there is an opportunity to learn more about the whole re-organization. On June 15th at 11am Voluntary Action are running a Forum on what ICSs mean, how they will work, and how they will affect patients.

Register via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/voluntary-action-forum-15th-june-new-integrated-care-system-ics-and-more-tickets-344737237357


Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group will be running an online Forum for all PPGs in Camden on 30th June  between 6-8pm. All PPG members are welcome to attend: contact [email protected] to register interest.  The JW/QC PPG has also sent information about this meeting via the email list.


Ian Critchley reported briefly that there are 3 regular volunteers in the garden at KTHC who meet at 9 am on Fridays, and anyone who want to join is welcome. He emphasized the wellbeing the garden offers, and Sarah Worboys reinforced his comments by saying how important it is for staff as well as patients, thanking Ian and the other volunteers for their enthusiasm and input.


Sarah Worboys talked about an incorrect story that appeared in The Camden New Journal which suggested that the merger between Queens Crescent and James Wigg practices would include closing the site at Queens Crescent. She assured patients that there is no plan to close the actual QC practice, and the two practices will continue on both sites.

  1. AOB

A lot of discussion meant that the meeting ran over time, and some items which should have been raised under AOB were not.

  • A report from some patients of the Rochester Square Residents Association has been collated by Maria Constantinidou. It covers those patients’ experience with regards to telephone and appointment access, and issues around complaints and prescriptions, among other things. It has been proposed that a sub-group of the PPG is formed, to look at the report, and to feedback to the larger PPG. Action: Gill
  • The next PPG meeting will be on Thursday July 14 in the KTHC garden at 6pm. This is traditionally a more social event, with a chance for patients and staff from the practice to meet informally and the chance to follow up on issues raised in formal PPG meetings. Ian suggested that everyone who can bring a small red geranium, to add a splash of colour to the garden.


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