The Queens Crescent Practice and Matthewman Practice have put together a proposal to merge. The proposed changes would mean that you will still see the same doctor you currently see, whilst enabling us to provide a more convenient service which offers you a wider variety of treatments.

When the merge takes affect Dr Matthewman will run a pre-bookable appointment service on Wednesday PM, Thursday PM and Friday AM. This is in addition to the current appointments available at the Queens Crescent Surgery.

It is anticipated that the merge will take effect from 31st April 2020.

Both practices share the same passion for providing high quality services and have a forward-thinking approach to primary care. Our joint objectives in this area will be:

  • To ensure both communities maintain access to a wide range of services;
  • To give patients access to a greater number of medical staff with a wider range of clinical expertise;
  • To pool our resources making it easier for patients to access services, including daily Nursing and Healthcare Assistant appointments

We believe there would be considerable benefits for our patients from this merge.

We hope that by combining our small practices, we can continue to provide personalised care to the local community. The proposed merge would help to sustain the viability of our practice in the changing NHS landscape.

We would love to hear from you about the merger of the two practices. If you are interested in being part of our Patient Participation Group (PPG) or have any questions, please feel free to contact Maria Henry, Operations Manager. You can write to us at 76 Queens Crescent, London. NW5 4EB.

We aim to extract the best from each practice as we move forward, so we can face the future together and support each other to provide the best possible care for patients in the Queens Crescent area.

Question And Answers

Q: When will the merge take place?
A: We hope to merge the practices on 31st April 2020.

Q: Who will be the doctors?
A: They are:

  • Dr Stephen Yaxley
  • Dr. Kavitha Gowribalan
  • Dr. Alex Hirst
  • Dr. Elizabeth Pollara
  • Dr. Penelope Sheehan
  • Dr Phillip Matthewman

Q: Will I still be able to see the GP of my choice?
A: Yes, you will still be able to see your preferred GP. There will be additional choice in the clinicians that you see. There may be appointments with another clinician sooner, but if you are happy to wait you will always be able to see your usual GP.

Q: What difference will this make to me as a patient?
A: When the practices merge, we are determined to maintain a small family practice ethos despite becoming a bigger practice. We will be able to offer a wide range of skills and services to our patients by combining the experience and expertise of our doctors and nurses.

Q: Will it be easier to get an appointment?
A: We will undertake a comprehensive review of how the appointments system works. You will still be able to book online, via telephone or in person. We are hoping that we will be able to provide an increased range of appointment times due to the growing demands for longer opening hours and additional services. The merger would make us better equipped to provide sustained, high-quality patient care.

Q: Will any of the staff be made redundant?
A: No. The newly merged practice will employ all existing staff.

Q: How will we be kept informed of the merger and changes that are taking place?
A: Regular updates and information will be displayed in the surgery and on our practice website.

Q: What will be the name of the new practice?
A: The merged practices will be named:
The Queens Crescent Practice
76 Queens Crescent
NW5 4EB.

Note: Dr Matthewman will move to the Queens crescent site.

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