Access the Medical Record Viewer

Can I see my medical record in Patient Access?

Yes, and by default we grant access to all patients so they can view their allergies and immunisation history. All other items in the medical record will be hidden.

If you would like additional access, such as Test Results, you’ll need to let us know you would like Medical Record access whenever you request your account being set up.

All Medical Record access requests above the standard immunisation and allergies history sections must be approved by your doctor before we can grant you access.

If you have already been granted access to the medical record viewer:

There should be a medical record section on the Patient Access homepage once you’ve signed in, depending on what your practice have enabled you may be able to see your:

  • Problems
  • Medications
  • Test results
  • Documents
  • Consultations
  • Immunisations
  • Allergies

If you’d like to see more of your medical record than you currently can, contact us.

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