Please find below a list of Doctors and the days that they are in clinics:


Dr Philip Posner Managing Partner

Dr Natasha Smeaton 

Dr Stephen Yaxley

Dr Jonathan Levy (Camden Clinical Commissioning Group)

Dr Kavitha Gowribalan Salaried Partner (Long-Term Conditions Clinic Lead): On Maternity Leave

Dr Dilini Kalupanaha: Monday-Thursday

Salaried Doctors

Dr Richard Garlick (Education and Prescribing/Minor Surgery): Wednesday

Dr Laura Duffy (Medical Student Teaching): Tuesday - Friday

Dr Samantha Levy: Monday - Wednesday

Dr Penny Sheehan: Monday - Tuesday

Dr Catherine Steven: Tuesday - Friday

Please find below a list of our specialist training doctors:

GP Registrars

Dr Sophia Khan: Monday - Friday

FY2 Doctors

Dr Timothy Hill: Monday- Friday