Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) provides patients with the opportunity to keep up with what is happening at the Queens Crescent and Four Trees Practices. Its aim is to foster effective communication, engagement and collaboration between the Practice and its registered patients.

The PPG provides a forum for patients to make suggestions and give feedback about the Practice and its services, and for the Practice to keep patients updated on changes and developments. It is a key link between the community and the staff.

You can participate in the PPG in two ways: 

· Come to meetings which are held approximately twice yearly. The dates are listed on the website.

· Join the email list and receive notice of agendas, minutes and news. You can then send your comments, concerns and suggestions to be considered at PPG meetings. Over time we hope to develop a forum for on-line discussion.

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The aims of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) are:-

· To encourage a positive relationship between the patients and the surgery staff, both medical and administrative.

· To act as a critical friend of the Practice.

· To focus its efforts on practical local issues it can influence.

· The PPG exists to provide a key link between the community and the James Wigg Practice.

The group is affiliated to the National Association of Patient Participation Groups (NAPP) whose general principles and guidance it follows.

It is fully supported by the GP partners, one of whom attends every meeting